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The Forum Adoptathon in 2023 was a remarkable day overflowing with love and hope. The venue was alive with wiggling tails and the soothing purrs of cats, creating an atmosphere brimming with excitement and anticipation as we endeavored to secure permanent homes for our cherished furry companions. What began as a delightful interactive session between visitors and rescue pets evolved into a purposeful journey towards the event's ultimate goal.

Each encounter with the animals brought sheer joy, as their eyes shimmered with a profound longing for a forever home. Their resilience and affection, despite their past struggles, touched the hearts of all who crossed their paths. Spending hours immersed in the company of different pets, our visitors eventually discovered their perfect match—a furry friend who effortlessly stole their hearts.

29 April 2023

The essence of Adoptathon can be succinctly described as a heartwarming and transformative odyssey for both the pets and their adopters. It fostered a deep emotional connection that lead to life-altering adoptions, ushering immeasurable joy and fulfillment into the lives of those involved. Through Adoptathon, Forum successfully generates a positive impact on animal welfare and advocates for responsible pet ownership.

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