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Eat & Win contest — a tribute to the taste of ‘Namma Mysuru’

September 19, 2019

Mysuru is a magnificent city with a rich culture and even richer culinary traditions. Not only does the city embrace its roots, but it also welcomes new cuisines with open arms. And that’s the reason why this beautiful heritage site is widely celebrated for its lip-smacking treats. To celebrate this spirit of Mysuru, we at Forum Centre City hosted a three-month-long contest — ‘Eat & Win’ — on both offline and online platforms. 

In the offline event, we invited people to try out our delicious delicacies at the Maddur Food Court, with a chance to win exciting prizes on every meal they ordered. Maddur Food Court is our 450+ seater food court hosting a diverse range of food brands — local and international. 

Below are the winners of our offline event: 

On our online platforms, we hosted a contest called ‘Guess the Dish’, where our followers were asked to tell us the name of the dish in the image we posted. In these last ten weeks, we’ve received a tremendous response to the online contest as well. 

Here is a list of winners of our online event: 



Food and Mysuru are a never-ending love affair — and our love for food and its many facets stems from the same. So, we strive every day to carry forward the culture of ‘Namma Mysuru’ by offering delicious flavours of the city at Maddur Food Court. So come,  visit us, and treat your palate with love.