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Teaching sustainability through art — Forum Colorama 2019

November 8, 2019

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. With grave environmental issues like deforestation, acid rain, ozone layer depletion, etc affecting the world — it has become crucial to teach future generations about coexistence with nature. We at Forum understand this and hence, decided to host this year’s Forum Colorama on lines of sustainability. 

Colorama is a great platform for children to showcase while learning about sustainable living. With the event fast approaching, we’ve put together 5 tips to help you and your little ones kickstart the prep: 

  • Start a conversation about sustainability 

The first step towards awareness begins with initiating a dialogue. Talk to your little ones about concepts like reuse, reduce, and recycle. Also, expose them to videos, reading-material, artworks, etc and encourage them to ask questions. 

  • Schedule an hour every day for practise 

Practise makes perfect — so just block an hour every day in your children’s schedule and encourage them to express themselves through art. You can also enroll them in an art class to help them hone their skills. 

  • Focus on one medium of colours at a time  

Be it watercolours or colour pencils —  it’s always recommended to master one medium of colours at a time. Find that one medium your children are comfortable with and help them to improve their skill set. 

  • Expose them to different art forms and artists 

Exposing your children to various artists can spark inspiration. This exercise can also open them to styles and techniques — inspiring them to venture out of their comfort zones. 

  • Set an example by adopting sustainable practices 

When you incorporate sustainability in your life, you will definitely inspire your children to act in a similar way. Adopt small lifestyle changes like carpooling and waste segregation and show your children how it’s done!

If you haven’t registered your young ones for Forum Colorma yet, what are you waiting for? Register here: