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It’s time to Rock On!

February 3, 2020

For any musician or band, a good opportunity is rare. Only few platforms have the power to impact a musician’s life.  One such platform is coming your way this February. Forum is hosting Rock On for the third consecutive year. A platform for the upcoming bands to battle it out. 

The struggles that come your way might create doubts about your choices and make you worry about your future. If you are at that phase doubting whether you have what it takes, just remember you are on the right track.

Don’t stop believing

The big names of today, Parikrama, Indian Ocean, Avial didn’t reach where they are today without putting up a fight. Each had difficult challenges that made them who they are today. They believed they could make it when others doubted. Day in and day out, no matter how the outcome turned out to be, they believed they could overcome it and so should you. Believe tomorrow will be better and the next platform might be your big break! 

Doesn’t take a decade to be famous.

Thaikudam Bridge, a band from south India who initially came together for a gig on a TV show in 2013, didn’t have to take the long route to success. The band is currently performing worldwide and filling out arenas. The route for each individual might be different, it’s important to keep going. For some bands, it took months, for some bands it takes years. The time period didn’t matter to them as long as they did what they loved. So, do what you love, fight for it and don’t stop believing.

Every stage is an opportunity.

No matter how small the stage is, give it your 100%. No matter where you are or how many are listening, give it your 100% and the results will always find you eventually. The people who criticized your performance will soon be the people searching about you. Nothing should stop you from doing what you love in front of the people who enjoy what you do. A stage that gives you a breakthrough. A stage where your voice echoes through the arena and audience chant your name. 

5 Cities. 6 Malls. 1 BIG Rock Festival. Presenting, Forum Rock On, a platform for the music dream chasers. Sign up with your band, perform in front of our live audience and win prizes worth Rs. 6 LAKHS! And the best part is there is no registration fee. So what are you waiting for? Here is your platform, make it count.

For more details about the Forum Rock On, visit: