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Nicolai Friedrich's


Limitless is an amazing family entertainment experience along with a mixture of Shocking illusions, fantastic comedy and fascinating mental magic, the show that aims to showcase great illusion tricks crafted only for Bengalurians by internationally renowned German Mentalist and Master of Illusion, NICOLAI FRIEDRICH.

Sunday, 16th April 2023 at

5 PM
Buy 2 tickets and above to avail a limited time discount of 25%
Buy 4 tickets and above to avail a limited time discount of 30%
Buy 10 tickets to avail a limited time discount of 35%
About the event
An experience of illusion tricks

that’s more than magic and is crafted just for Bengaluru’s audience.

16th April 2023

 @Prestige Srihari Khoday Centre for Performing Arts.

Ticketed Event.

Yes. and charges are as follows:

Platinum Regular              : 2999/-

Platinum Economy          : 2799/-

Gold Regular                      : 2499/-

Gold Economy                   : 2299/-

Silver Regular                     : 1999/-

Silver Economy                 : 1799/-

Nicolai Friedrich

For children above 3 years, tickets are mandatory.

From 5 pm onwards – 2 Hr show.

There will be cancellation charges.

Once the seats are full booking will get closed.

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