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Theatrical folk play


Enter into the times of contemporary Indian Culture and enchant into a theatrical journey like no other where human life weaved around timeless truth and morals of the social life. Nagamandala, a legendary play written by Indias most prominent intellectual- Girish Karnard, effectively uses folk forms to reflect upon the psychological problems, dilemmas and conflicts experienced by Indians in different social backgrounds of life. Nagamandala, vowes to transport you to a realm where traditional values, socio-cultural evils and reality intertwine, as the human spirit is tested, and where emotions ignite the stage. Witness the energy of folk theatre come alive while it takes you through the stages of life that humans go through prior to living a harmonious life.

9th - 10thJune 2023 : 7 PM

10th, -11th -June 2023
10 PM and 7 PM

Expect to experience inspiration and a lasting sense of amazement long after the lights go out and the applause fills the theatre. Prepare yourself for a soul-stirring, imagination-igniting theatrical event that you won't soon forget.

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7 PM
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