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Whole Time Director

Mr. Noaman Razack

Mr. Noaman Razack’s name is synonymous with the Prestige retail endeavour. As Director, Prestige Group, and the youngest son of the founder, the Late Mr. Razack Sattar, he leads the activities of the Group’s retail vertical. This comprises the world-class mall network that Prestige creates, establishes and directs, a process he oversees in its entirety. It includes the three Prestige Forums in Bangalore, one each in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore and Mangalore. Prestige also has to its credit Bangalore’s landmark luxury mall UB City.

He is, as well, Director of Prestige Fashions Pvt. Ltd. the umbrella organisation for all garment-related retail activity in the Group. He thus brings to the Group his unique experience in fashion retail, the Group’s richly textured legacy, as embodied in Prestige The Man Store.

That is where his career began, soon after he graduated, drawn as he was to the idea of quality retail as, perhaps, best expressed in Prestige’s bespoke. The bespoke values of focus and impeccable attention to detail combined with his empathy with Bangalore and its people, so evident then, has characterised Prestige retail’s various avatars.

As he says, “The Prestige retail vertical model transformed Bangalore’s lifestyle, elevating retail to a truly international level in what has become a world capital. Perhaps the sum total of our efforts through the years has been to transform in some way how Bangalore lives well. Our father taught us to retail not just a product or a service but an ideal: how Bangalore’s citizens could express their style.

The progression from retail to real estate began when Prestige Estates started in the early eighties and the current synergy of the two was inevitable for its logic: Prestige has always enhanced the Bangalorean lifestyle the way it has since the fifties when it began with founder Late Mr. Razack Sattar.

Work apart, he is a man of wide-ranging interests. A proficient sportsman, golf and hockey are his games of choice. In his understated way, he’s much involved with various charitable efforts too. The recognition these bring and the widespread acknowledgments he’s garnered in the industry are for him inspiration as much as they are accolades.