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Live-in music concert

Pravin Godkhindi

Expect an evening of refined melodies, where the elegant whispers of flutes fill the air with grace and poise. Join us for an exclusive live-in concert by flute maestro Pravin Godkhindi with Krishna Fusion featuring Shadaj Godkhindi on the 17th of June, where the timeless charm of this enchanting instrument takes centre stage. Embrace the flute's allure, its magical art as the symphony of flutes enchants the air, Inviting all to a celestial affair. Let your souls be lifted to a higher place as the flute's dulcet tones, a pure delight, ignites the senses, like stars in the night. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the sheer elegance of the flute in an intimate and sophisticated setting. Save the date and join us for an evening of musical brilliance that will make your spirit swirl.

17th June 2023

1.5 hours

Embrace the flute's allure, its magical art, in an enchanting live-in event by flute maestro Pravin Godkhindi.

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Pravin <br>Godkhindi
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