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Sonic Sunset

Live, Free , Fabulous

On October 15, 2023, Forum Kochi was ablaze with the vibrant and soul-stirring melodies of the "Sonic Sunset" live music concert, a much-anticipated event that took place at 5:30 pm. The mesmerising performance was headlined by the exceptionally talented band, "Once Upon A Time," which left the audience spellbound with their musical prowess. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm and golden glow across the venue, the atmosphere was set for an unforgettable evening. The "Sonic Sunset" concert offered an immersive and electrifying experience for all attendees. The stage was set with dazzling lights, state-of-the-art sound equipment, and a captivating backdrop that perfectly complemented the musical journey about to unfold.

"Once Upon A Time," the star of the evening, showcased their musical excellence with a diverse repertoire that transcended genres, taking the audience on a harmonious journey through time and emotions. Their flawless melodies, powerful lyrics, and gripping performances left a lasting impact on the hearts and souls of those in attendance. The concert brought together music enthusiasts, families, and friends, all swaying to the rhythm and singing along to their favorite songs. The ambiance was alive with energy and a sense of unity, as the crowd celebrated the shared love for music.

"Sonic Sunset" was a testament to the power of music to connect people, transcend boundaries, and create unforgettable moments. It was an event where emotions were expressed through melodies, and where the audience was taken on an extraordinary sonic adventure. The concert at Forum Kochi on October 15, 2023, was not just a musical performance; it was an experience that left a mark on the hearts of all those who were fortunate enough to be part of this magical evening. The memories created during "Sonic Sunset" will undoubtedly linger for years to come, a reminder of the unifying power of live music and the incredible talent of "Once Upon A Time."

15th October 2023

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