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Bass ab BASSI kahan hai?

Arey bass kar BASSI ke stand-ups shows ab sirf phone pe nahi dekhne padenge. BASSI aaraha hai to namma ooru. Bhai, we did it! We brought back the man who has had y’all lose it laughingly over everything happening in life, literally, matlab sab kuch. While other things might keep you entertained, we decided to take control and make you go ROFL (quite literally), and for two straight days, matlab WOW! Picture this: BASSI strutting onto the stage in funky shades, armed with jokes that hit harder than a monsoon downpour! He will have you snorting with laughter, clutching your belly in stitches. It is like a comedy circus collided with an intergalactic party, and if you miss it, then...,yeah, let’s not go so far.

25th Aug 2023
& 26th Aug 2023

18+ year
25th Aug 2023 - 7 PM <br>26th August 2023 - 3 PM & 7 PM
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